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Welcome to the Microscopy Advantage® website. We hope the material presented will explain in clear terms what are our business goals and objectives and how far we have progressed to this date.

The Concept:
Too many would-be users of content found on the internet find local connections to be either very expensive or very slow or both. This is more likely to be the case outside of North America but even within the USA and Canada surprisingly large numbers of would-be viewers and therefore would-be customers, do not have internet connectivity at their usual work stations and must use some kind of shared resource because of firewall considerations.

Law of unintended consequences:
What we did not expect was the value our client companies would find in being able to give an up-to-date CD version of their website to their sales people and foreign distributors, which permits the website, in a sense to "guide" sales presentations. This has been the case irrespective of what is being sold, be it a column instrument or consumable supplies. We also did not anticipate the value one would glean from the Microscopy Advantage CD when working either during a plane flight or even in a hotel room with otherwise expensive internet charges.

The Product:
The cornerstone of the Microscopy Advantage CD is the SPI Supplies website. Groups doing market research tell us that there is more traffic going to the SPI website, by far, than to any other website in the microscopy and microanalysis market. The CD, when installed, has a "Start Page" that lists not only the SPI website but the websites of the most prestigious manufacturing and related organizations serving this dynamic and expanding market. It is our expectation, particularly in European and certain Far Eastern markets, but also to some degree in North America, that the Microscopy Advantage CD will become the premier information resource that will be used off-line. The inclusion of the very highly trafficked Microscopy Vendor's Data Base site guarantees that the CD will never be removed from the CD reader of anyone in microscopy since so much of what they need to know is right there on the CD!

The current version of the Microscopy Advantage CD is Edition 7. Although we truly thought that by Edition 7 we would have run out of space, fortunately, because of newer software compression technologies, we continue to have more than enough free space to accommodate still a few more participating websites for Edition 8. When the time does come, we anticipate that we will be able to make a smooth transition to DVD format without disruption.

Distribution of previous editions of the Microscopy Advantage CD have been at the following microscopy and/or electron microscopy oriented scientific meetings:
17th Australian Conference on Electron Microscopy (ACEM 17), Adlaide;
AXAA 2002 Conference on X-ray and Surface Analysis, Newcastle, NSW, Australia;
The Breast Implant Surgeons Register, UK;
EMSI-2002 Electron Microscopy Society of India 2002 Annual Meeting and International Conference, Mumbai;
European Conference on Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometry EDXRS 2002, Berlin, Germany;
Microscience 2002 International Conference and Exhibition Sponsored by the Royal Microscopical Society London, England & The Society for Rhinoplasty in the UK
Thai EM Meeting, Bangkok, January 2003
New Zealand EM Meeting, Wellington, February 2003
Dreilundertagung fur Elektronenmikroskopie, Sept. 2003, Dresden, Germany
BCEIA (Beijinjg Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis) October 2003
18th Australian Conference on Electron Microscopy (ACEM 18), Geelong, February 2004
EMSI-2004 Electron Microscopy Society of India 2004 Annual Meeting, New Delhi Joint MSA (Microscopy Society of America) and MSC (Microscopy Society of Canada), Quebec City, August 2004
BCEIA (Beijinjg Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis) October 2005

We have omitted from this listing the distribution at numerous local and irregular meetings of various microscopy societies around the world

In addition, one copy of the CD is included as a "box stuffer" with each and every shipment of microscopy consumable supplies by SPI Supplies. And a substantial number of copies are also distributed to the customers of the worldwide network of agents and distributors of SPI Supplies.

Edition 8 to be released around January 1, 2006:
A production run of 15,000 copies is anticipated and distribution will begin roughly January 1, 2006.

Thank you for visiting the website of Microscopy Advantage. If you would like to have your website a part of the next downloading of websites and the next Edition of Microscopy Advantage, contact Microscopy Advantage at which ever location is closest to you below. A limited amount of space still remains for the download scheduled for Edition 8 on or about December 1, 2005.

Unlike the print media, if one has extra advertisers, they just add more pages, in this case, that can not be done. As the available space runs out, that is it! So if you would like to have your own company's website added to the Microscopy Advantage CD, don't procrastinate, let us know of your interest.

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